Vista Swiss Coin (VSC): Shaping Your Digital Future

Catalyzing Innovation: Vista Swiss Coin (VSC) - Your Gateway to a Dynamic Digital Financial Landscape.

About Vista Swiss Coin

We believe all businesses should be able to participate

Vista Swiss Coin is the cornerstone of our ecosystem, facilitating seamless transactions and providing financial benefits to our users. As we continue to shape the future of digital currency, VSC remains central to our commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and financial empowerment.

Seamless Transactions

Instant, low-cost, cross-platform transactions for ultimate convenience.

Secure Ecosystem

Robust blockchain tech ensures data and asset protection.

Profit Share

NFT Holders get profit share on Vista Swiss Coin

Inclusive Ownership

Airdrops and special allocations make VSC accessible to all.


Pre-Listing (20.5%)

Secure your VSC before the official coin launch. Early investors can take advantage of substantial discounts on the coin’s market price.

Airdrop (0.4%)

Be part of our community and receive VSC tokens through airdrops. Early adopters may receive a larger share.

1st NFT Buyers (0.1%)

The pioneers who acquire our first NFTs will receive a special allocation of VSC tokens.

NFT Holders (10%)

NFT holders at the time of the coin launch will benefit from a dedicated allocation of VSC.

Listing (10%)

VSC becomes publicly tradable, and a portion of the tokens is available for purchase.

Partners & Advisors (7%)

This allocation is subject to a 24-month lockup period, with a gradual release of 10% per month after the lockup period ends.

Team (7%)

The team’s allocation also has a 36-month lockup period, with a 10% monthly release following the lockup period.

Marketing & Development (20%)

Reserved for furthering the growth and development of the Vista Swiss NFT ecosystem. Subject to a 12-month lockup period, these tokens will be unlocked as needed.

Reserve Fund (25%)

Reserved for contingencies and future strategic initiatives. This allocation follows a 24-month lockup period, with tokens being unlocked as needed.

What is Vista Swiss Coin (VSC)?

Vista Swiss Coin (VSC) is the native cryptocurrency within the Vista Swiss NFT ecosystem. It facilitates seamless transactions and holds value within our platform.

How can I acquire VSC?

You can acquire VSC through various means, including purchasing during the initial offering, participating in airdrops, holding NFTs at the time of coin launch, or acquiring VSC after it becomes publicly tradable.

Is VSC available for trading on external platforms?

Yes, VSC will be available for trading on external cryptocurrency exchanges after the coin's listing. Stay tuned for updates on our official website and announcements for exchange listings.


Liquidity Access

VSC holders have the flexibility to trade and exchange their coins on various external cryptocurrency platforms, enhancing liquidity and accessibility.

Enhanced Security

VSC employs advanced security measures, including blockchain technology and encryption, ensuring secure and transparent transactions.

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Deflationary Mechanism

VSC is designed with a deflationary mechanism to potentially increase its value over time, offering long-term investment potential.


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