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Vista Swiss NFT is a comprehensive ecosystem combining AI, NFT technology, and a range of services, entertainment, and investment opportunities.

You can invest in Vista Swiss NFT by purchasing NFTs from for 299 Matic, providing access to our ecosystem and its associated benefits.

Investors enjoy profit sharing, fee waivers, exclusive discounts, early access to NFT projects, and royalty rewards if their NFTs sell for double the USD price.

VSC is the native cryptocurrency of the Vista Swiss NFT ecosystem, facilitating seamless transactions and providing various benefits.

VSC can be acquired by purchasing Vista Swiss NFT, during the initial offering, airdrops, or after it becomes publicly tradable on external cryptocurrency exchanges.

Yes, VSC will be available for trading on external cryptocurrency exchanges following its listing.

We prioritize security with blockchain technology, encryption, and user control, safeguarding NFT assets and user data.

NFT holders receive a 50% share of profits, directly benefiting from the success of Vista Swiss NFT.

We have a legal team to ensure compliance with evolving regulations, and adapting practices to safeguard users and operations.

Our roadmap includes phased launches of AI services, NFT-based games, fashion, real estate investment, e-learning, streaming, and the metaverse.

Yes, our platform is accessible on mobile devices through user-friendly applications.

You can participate by acquiring NFTs associated with the games, allowing you to buy, sell, and rent unique in-game assets.

NFT holders at the time of VSC launch receive a dedicated allocation of VSC tokens.

You can reach our support team through chat, email, and community forums for assistance.

Our E-Learning and University offer cutting-edge courses and hands-on training, focusing on coding and gaming.

AI powers various features, such as the AI Super App, AI Business GPT, AI Trading App, and AI Finance Advisor, providing advanced services and solutions.

Yes, we offer opportunities for strategic investments in the flourishing real estate market.

Our Metaverse is a multifaceted digital realm featuring Sports, Film, Commerce, and Residential zones, offering diverse experiences and interactions for users.

We foster interaction, gather feedback, and organize events to build an active and supportive community.

Our fashion brand blends style with innovation, offering a range of products from casual wear to cutting-edge gadgets, redefining fashion and lifestyle.

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